1Clipboard 0.1.7 Multilingual

1Clipboard is a universal clipboard managing app that makes it easy to access your clipboard from anywhere on any device. It keeps track of everything you copy into your clipboard across the device. So all you need to do is just copy as usual then paste it to other device whenever you need it. 1Clipboard extends your clipboard with the history of recently copied items. So you can search the clipboard history by keyword, or mark as favorites for future use.

Setup was simple and straightforward on our test PC. The only obvious change was a new icon in our system tray, although on closer inspection we found 1Clipboard had added four new background processes requiring 90MB of RAM.


Able to open-source With Built, shows modern web technologies
1Clipboard and its core are grow with the new technologies like Angular.js Node.js, Electron and other proven open projects that are being improved
Star and save your favorites
Just mark as favorite to speedily access your clipboard for future use
Show Clipboard history
Able to Keep track of everything you copy into clipboard over the system
Able to Search your past
Able to quickly search the list of previous clipboard items and able to copy any of them
Easy to use
It supports cross-platform, so you can use this software both Mac OSX and Windows.
Powered by Google, 1Clipboard synchronize your clipboard through Google Drive.

Whats New in version 0.1.7:
Added French, Russian Language
Fixed taskbar location issue
Fixed small crash issues


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