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Utilu Mozilla Firefox Collection - Download PC Software

Utilu Mozilla Firefox Collection

Utilu Mozilla Firefox Free Download

Utilu Mozilla Firefox Collection

Utilu Mozilla Firefox Collection

Utilu Mozilla Firefox Collection


Utilu Mozilla Firefox Collection | 615.5 Mb

Utilu Mozilla Firefox Collection is a software package that contains multiple versions of the Firefox browser. It is designed for web designers and developers that want you check the way a website is rendered in a different Mozilla Firefox edition. A user can try to install all these versions individually but it can take a lot of time to download and to run each installer. In addition, all the versions come with preinstalled web development tools that enable you to analyze the webpage. Adding these plug-ins to every installation takes a lot of time that can be saved by using this collection.

The main web development tools are provided by the Web Developer and the Firebug plug-ins that are included in every browser. You can also customize the installation of a specific version by adding plug-ins or by changing the settings without affecting the other Firefox versions.

The installer of the program allows you to select the versions that you need to install. You can use them separately or even at the same time without any issues. The application provides you with an automatic tool that opens a certain URL with all the installed versions in order to compare the result.

You can use this tool to open multiple browser tabs by entering more than one URL. It is a time saver for the users that need to compare multiple websites in their daily activity. However, if your installation includes all the Firefox versions, it can take some time to open all the browser windows.

If you developed a web application or a website that needs to be tested, you can try the Utilu Mozilla Firefox Collection. A single download can bring you more than fifteen versions of Firefox to choose from.

• It can open one or more local files and/or URLs in all installed versions of Mozilla Firefox with a single click
• It can appear in the context menu of Windows Explorer, so a file can be opened in every installed version of Mozilla Firefox directly
• It can display the version number of Mozilla Firefox in the titlebar
• It includes a number of window resizing options for the Web Developer add-on, settings for all common resolutions like 800×600, 1024×768, 1280×1024, 1440×900 and 1600×1200 are included
• It can be installed for all users, so it’s available for everyone
• It can be installed and used silently, it’s possible to create an unattended installation and use all functions using command line parameters
• It even works under the most restricted user accounts after installation, only the installation needs to be done by someone with Administrator privileges

New in version (January 29, 2016)
• Updated Mozilla Firefox from ESR to ESR
• Updated Mozilla Firefox from beta 9 to
• Updated Mozilla Firefox from Aurora to beta 1
• Updated Mozilla Firefox from Nightly to Aurora
• Added Mozilla Firefox Nightly
• Minor changes and improvements

OS: Windows All








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